Yoga and Growth Mindset for Kids

Build strong bodies and strong minds. This unit includes 6 yoga flows centered around themes to develop a Growth Mindset.

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Yoga and Growth Mindset Unit


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Get Stretchy with Ms. Stephanie!

Join certified Yoga Teacher Stephanie Watkins as she leads your children through a journey of building strength, reflection, resilience, and developing a growth mindset.

This purchase gives you 6 full yoga classes created just for kids. Each class explores one the following themes for developing a Growth Mindset.

  • Failure is an Opportunity to Try Again
  • Setting Goals and Achieving Them
  • Creating Solutions Through Problem-Solving
  • Positive Thinking to Stay Motivated
  • Changing Your Perspective and Finding Gratitude
  • Helping Others

These classes are adaptable to any age and skill level, but they are perfectly suited for ages 7+.

Your one-time purchase grants you lifelong access to this unit study, including all future updates and revisions.

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